Asa Ziv

CEO & co-founder

Asa has more than 30 years of management and engineering experience. He established and led El-Op's (now Elbit) Laser plant to be a worldwide recognized company. Asa was a co-founder in Aprion Digital, a Scitex spin-off and served as its VP of Marketing and Business Development. Mr. Ziv established sales and distribution channel, brought investors and strategic partners (IBM, Hitachi, Toyo Ink and others), and led it to be one of the most recognized companies in Printing industry. Later he founded and served as CEO of VCortex Ltd. Mr. Ziv holds B.Sc. in Physics and M.Sc. in Engineering.

Prof. Yoel Sasson

CTO & co-founder

Professor of Applied Chemistry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, served as Head of the Institute of Chemistry, was a visiting Professor at the University of Waterloo (Ontario), Virginia Polytechnic Institute, the University of Paris Sud, the National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University and Du-Pont (Delaware). He was VP of R&D at Makhteshim Chemical Works. Sasson is active in green chemistry, photocatalysis, nanocatalysis and catalysis in energy conversion processes. He has published 240 articles and reviews, 40 patents in these fields and coached 130 PhD and MSc students

Dr. Ariel Givant

Senior Chemist

Ariel made his postdoctoral at the Casali Institute of Applied Chemistry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in the field of biomedical polymers. His advanced studies focused in alternative energy - specifically biodiesel synthesis and reversible hydrogen storage. As a PhD Ariel worked as a laboratory manager and researcher for "Pillar marketing & enterprises 2000 ltd" in the field of environmentally friendly polymer packages. During his chemistry studies he gained 7 years of process development experience as a researcher at Casali's pilot plant. His working experience includes organic synthesis, catalysis, green chemistry, process scale up, alternative energy, polymers, nano-encapsulation, development of analytical methods.

Asi Shalgi 

Chairman of the Board

Former Director General of the Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure

Global experience in power and energy

Built power plants, desalination plants, waste recycle plants

Involved in alternative fuels companies.

Volodia Voronel
VP Business Development & co-founder
Volodia has extensive experience in business development and fund-raising for science and technology. He was an advisor to the Minister of Industry and Trade for technological entrepreneurship, co-founded several start-ups in environment, water management, alternative energy, computers and served in them as VP business development and chief financial officer. In the Hebrew University of Jerusalem he reported to the Vice-President for R&D as an initiator of innovative projects ("Upgrading Sofia University as an engine for economic growth of Bulgaria", "Decontamination of Soil from Oil", "Integrative Security for Europe", etc.).

Sorel Rothschild


Sorel is an experienced R&D and operations manager. He has long record in the process industry, clean-tech, biotechnology and medical devices, including Sigma Aldrich, Teva and startup companies. 

Mr. Rothschild managed numerous R&D and scaling-up projects in Israel and abroad with international companies and R&D institutes. Mr. Rothschild holds MSc (cum laude) from the Casali Institute of Applied Chemistry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and has a multidisciplinary approach - science, technology and economy oriented.

Dr. Judith Toubiana

Senior Chemist

Postdoctoral student at the Casali Institute of Applied Chemistry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her working experience includes green chemistry, polymers, catalysis, organic synthesis, anoparticles, 

alternative energy and application in Hydrogen production and storage.

Lecturer and teacher at the Hadassah Academic College.