•  No more safety issues

  •  No more compressed 
     free Hydrogen


  •  No more expensive 
     infrastructure and

How does it work?

NrgLiquid (Potassium Formate and water) stirred onboard with our special catalyst releases hydrogen for immediate consumption by fuel cell.


Used-NrgLiquid (Potassium Bicarbonate) returns for hydrogen recharge with another catalytic process.

Hydrogen flow rate is controlled by stirring speed.

Both liquids are safe and commonly used.


As NrgLiquid is rechargeable, users pay only for hydrogen and charging - not for NrgLiquid.

All charged hydrogen is fully released.


The whole cycle is performed in near ambient conditions. Onboard process requires 60 deg C and no pressure. The result is low volume system and winning gravimetric density (as defined by DOE: hydrogen to system gravimetric ratio). 


As our liquids are non-corrosive they are kept in inexpensive plastic containers.